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Our Worship Service

Our worship gathering seeks to honor God first and foremost, from beginning to end.   We come together as a body to be in His presence corporately, hear from His Word, and be changed.  A typical service includes the following:

  • Call to Worship

  • Praise & Worship

  • Offering

  • Testimony or Prayer

  • Preaching of the Word

  • Communion

  • Benediction

We aim to begin promptly at 10:30am.   All are welcome.  The time of singing and praise includes children of all ages, and young children are dismissed to classes after the offering.  Our preaching takes the Bible seriously as the Word of God, and believes that God desires to speak truth into our lives through his Word.

We believe the posture of our souls often follows the postures of our bodies, and thus you may observe people raising their hands in worship, clapping, kneeling in submission, or worshiping through other expressions.  There is no one right style to worship God.

If you are interested in learning more about our Worship ministries, including the creative arts – check out this page.