Heart’s True Home

Summary: In revealing our heart’s true home in God’s presence, Psalm 84 also shows us the way we journey on our way home.

Scripture: Psalm 84:5-8


[from Frances Ann Green]

1. Do you desire more in your relationship with God? Or do you think that you’ve arrived?

2. Are you willing to journey into the unknown? Or will you only travel if you know exactly where it leads?

3. When the journey gets tough, do you have the courage to keep walking?

4. Will you go to new places? Or is it more important to defend where you are?

5. Do you trust God enough to travel lightly? Or must you build up treasures for yourself and cling to baggage from the past?

6. Will you be uncomfortable? Or do you prefer to stay nestled in the familiar?

AND… Are you planning on doing it ALONE?