Songs of Christmas: Zechariah’s Song

Summary: Zechariah’s tongue is freed to sing praise because he recognizes God at work, meeting people where they are – cosmically and personally.

Scripture: Luke 1:67-80


1.  What is the prayer that God would be answering if an angel showed up to you and said, “your prayer has been heard?”

2.  Have you given up on some dreams?  Are you weighed down by unfulfilled expectations?  Where do you put those things in your soul?  Have you made peace?

3.  God is a God who hears.  He knows.  He is able to meet you where you’re at, in love and with wisdom.  Can you say about something in your life, “the Lord has done this for me”?

4.  Are you fulfilled in Christ?  Why or why not?  How can you tell?