Lord, Teach Us:  Learning about Kingdom Life, Here & Now

Studies from Luke 11-14

With deep resolve, Jesus has set his course for Jerusalem.  The cross awaits and now the stakes rise even higher.  Growing too are the crowds – and the opposition.  As this leg of God’s mission heads toward the finish line, it’s as if music signals a coming climax.  His disciples are no longer fresh and green – they have experienced the first signs of an in-breaking Kingdom; they have confessed he is the Christ; they have had their mettle tested on mission. And yet, there’s so much to learn. Lord, teach us, they cry in Luke 11:1 when they see the richness of his relationship with the Father.

And so Jesus teaches.  He imparts.  He makes deposits.  These chapters give us His wide and deep instruction that equips his disciples for the coming mission. These are missional dynamics – a way of life for the reality of God’s Kingdom as it’s expressed here and now in the mixed-up world.

In our lives, too, we face the mixture of growing crowds and growing opposition.  And, like the first disciples, we follow Jesus in a Kingdom that not only will be, but already is, here and now.  We need him to teach us.  We need to sit at his feet.

Luke 14:25-35 – Teach us to be All-In

Some things in life simply require all-in commitment.  Discipleship is one of them.  Jesus calls his followers to a whole-life commitment.  And we find, as we place him first, that Jesus is the greatest treasure of all.

Luke 14:12-24

The banquet is a Biblical image for present and future grace.  Through this banquet analogy, Jesus teaches us about God, His Kingdom, and His redeemed people. And in doing so, He calls people to receive and give grace.

Luke 13:31-35 – About Passion

Mission makes us passionate – this is true for all types of people in all types of missions.  But what type of passion does God-given mission produce?  What is it like?  Does your passion reflect God’s heart?

Luke 13:22-30 – To Enter

To the person longing to enter the Kingdom, Jesus responds, the Kingdom has plenty of room, but:  Do you know the way?  Do you know the time?  Are you willing?

Luke 13:18-21 – Kingdom

Through these two short parables, Jesus reveals an aspect of His Kingdom, challenging us to see the Kingdom that IS and WILL BE, even amid the continued sinfulness of the world.

Luke 13:10-17 – To Sabbath

The fall has bent each one of us over, disfigured from God’s intention, from bodily and spiritual oppression.  Satan tries to use our affliction in His favor, but the Lord Jesus calls us to freedom.  Sabbath is for freedom.

Luke 12:49-53 – About Cross & Fire

When you think about Jesus’ mission statement – does it include fire?  This passage resets our expectations with God’s Word and shows us how the Cross & Fire contribute to the renewal of all things.

Luke 12:22-34 – To Trust

Why do we worry?  It doesn’t help things, and it doesn’t really make sense for those who follow Jesus. And yet we persist.  In response, as a compassionate shepherd, Jesus invites us to the Father who is pleased to give us His Kingdom.

Luke 12:13-21 – To Hunger for God

When greed takes over, Jesus shows that the issue is not money, resources, or stuff – but our hunger.   Our hungers can lead us away from God or to God.   Lord, teach us to hunger after you and not to follow the ruinous paths of our own idolatry.

Luke 12:4-12 – To Fear God

Speaking in a hostile environment, Jesus teaches his disciples – fear GOD, not man.  This passage shows us why fearing God is the sanest choice and what it could look like.

Luke 11:37-12:3 – About Integrity

What we love shapes us.  This truth has a direct impact on our lives as we seek to take seriously Jesus’ call, “Be on guard against hypocrisy”.  How do we become people of Integrity rather than hypocrisy?

Luke 11:33-36 – To See

Are we seeing the light or walking in the darkness?  What either opens our eyes or causes them to shut?  God intends for his disciples to see the light of Christ.

Luke 11:1-13 – To Pray

Jesus’ goal when He teaches his disciples is more than the deposit of information – it is growth from the inside out.  In this passage, we learn how prayer is the conduit for intimacy in our walk with the Lord.

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