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Tom White - 02/18/2018

His Passion: Obedient

His Passion

Summary: This gospel account finds Jesus’ with his sleepy disciples in his greatest hour of need.  In agony over God's looming wrath, not to mention his disciples apathy and future scattering, Jesus steadfastly set his heart to prayer and obedience.

Scripture References: Matthew 26:36-46

From Series: "His Passion"

Lent is a season of looking ahead to the cross, of remembering Jesus’ sacrifice, and of taking up our own crosses. Our Lord’s endurance of a Roman cross, with its appalling pain and selfless love, is called “the passion” (Latin for suffering) in Church tradition. This sacrifice both saves and summons us. His passion is our salvation given and salvation lived. So it’s no wonder the Gospels speed past months of Jesus’ life to give inordinate focus to his final week, his final days, his final hours. During these two months, we too will slow down and pay careful attention to the varied, powerful truth of His Passion.


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