The God Who Delivers

Studies in Exodus 3-6

Exodus template

In these chapters, we see a God who DELIVERS. He shows up in human history, not just in the hearts and minds of man.  He acts on our behalf.   In Exodus, we see God move toward a people long-enslaved, their hope running dry.  We see God deliver them from their bondage and offer them Himself as their new portion.   He intervenes.  He moves toward.  He does so personally, purposefully, sovereignly.   By the end, after beginning with Moses, both the Israelites and the Egyptians alike are able to KNOW a God who is “majestic in holiness, awesome in glory, working wonders” (Exod. 15:11).  Knowing Him, they are moved from bondage and set upon a new road, a new journey.   We worship this same God, the God who makes himself KNOWN, most completely and fully in Jesus (Jn 1:18), the better Moses (Heb 3:3).  And He still delivers – not just from, but TO.   Will we as a church be moved outward in our salvation, participating in the journey of salvation?

Exodus 3:18-22 – He is Sovereign

God has Sovereign authority… but does He limit it with the human heart?  What’s the relationship between Sovereign love and free will?   Using the Biblical metaphor of the Potter and Clay, we explore the intersection between Sovereign Love and Free Will.