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Church in Action

Geoffrey Maurer - 08/21/2017

An Emblem of God’s Love

Church In Action

Summary: How are you processing the storm of last weekend’s events in Charlottesville?  The Scripture calls us, as His church, to live worthy of his calling.  What is that calling in such a time as this?

Scripture References: Ephesians 4:1-6

From Series: "Church In Action"

In Acts, the story follows the gospel expansion from city to city as Paul and his coworkers obey the Spirit’s call. As they proclaim the gospel, the word of the Lord spreads throughout Gentile lands and many become disciples. And something more. God establishes His church among various people and places. The churches are local, diverse, communal, and caught up in God’s saving mission. We see the gospel on the move – moving into cities, neighborhoods, lives. Settling in and turning the world upside down. The same God has the same good news. Through this series, we’ll look at the church now & then, here & there. What can we learn from its different receptions and different responses? In our time and place, what changes and what remains the same?

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