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CCC 2020

30th Anniversary

We have now celebrated our 30th anniversary as a church (April 2017).  This was a significant milestone and represents God’s gracious work over three decades. It also marks the beginning of a key season for us moving forward, a type of crossroads.

  • Will we rest back on past faithfulness? Will we remain in comfortable patterns? Will we slide into unhealthy ruts?   Will we fortify? We will try to re-live the early years, long past?
  • OR – will we seek to honor God and be faithful to His call by being disciples who make disciples and plant churches in a new generation and a new time?

The elders desire to move forward in boldness and faithfulness to obey God’s call for the next 30 years.   What will we look like as Up-In-Out moves from our words and convictions into our habits, structures, and expectations? As a first step, we’ve worked hard to hear from God and develop a concrete five-year plan, called “CCC 2020”.

Tilling the Soil…

Mortgage Free Plan  (kicked off on April 26, 2015)


By God’s grace and the generosity of most of our church family, we made our final mortgage payment in March 2016.

This is a key  factor in our desire to plant a church, enabling us to set aside $40,000 of seed money over the next two years.

Being debt free will also allow us to…   Give an additional 2% of our budget to our missions giving (for a total of 14%)Double our Small Groups and Evangelism budget; Establish a two month savings reserve; Have the financial freedom to Plant a church.

Planting People

We desire 100% of our members actively participating in discipling relationships.

We believe God has called the church to make disciples, and we want to cultivate a culture of “up-in-out” disciples who are primed to plant churches for the glory of Jesus.   We believe discipleship is essentially relational, both with God and others.

Planting Small Groups

We desire every small group to plant at least one other small group.

We believe small groups are the engine and model for what can be happening as a whole, gathered.   As small groups seek to welcome people with open-arms and reflect the Up-In-Out of following Jesus, they will both grow and desire to multiply.   Having our small groups plant regularly will help instill an outward, planting ethos and practice into a majority portion of our church family.

More to Come!