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International Mission

We give 16.5% of our weekly tithe in direct support of our mission partners and missionaries.

Please read below to find out more about those international mission partners.

Josh & Abby Davis

Mossel Bay, South Africa

In 2007, CCC sent Josh & Abby Davis to be part of a church planting team through TCN (The Christian Network) in Mossel Bay, South Africa.  While still serving with this church for the gospel, Josh and Abby founded Growing Hope, which is a Christian community development project that works among the poor, unemployed, and those suffering with HIV/AIDS.  The Davis’ come alongside people and provide them with all they need to grow and maintain their own personal vegetable garden. There are now close to 100 gardens!  They have seen this project opening doors for the Gospel in the community, bringing hope and dignity to the people of Mossel Bay.For more information, check out the latest video update from Growing Hope: https://vimeo.com/182799667

Eglise Baptiste Siloam, Elim and La Semance

Port au Prince, Haiti

For more than 25 years teams from the Grace Network, including CCC, have partnered with our friends in Haiti for the advance of the Kingdom in and around Port-Au-Prince.  Through the local church there, we have helped run medical clinics that care for more than 1000 patients every year.  We also commit to leadership training and working together on larger vision projects.   This is all done through the priority of our relationships with them, our brothers and sisters in the Lord.   Teams from CCC return from Haiti encouraged, blessed, and challenged in their faith. 

Gerizim Church

Tegucigalpa, Honduras

We work alongside Pastor Roberto Ventura and his church Iglesia Gerizim in Tegucigalpa with medical, children’s, and construction ministries.   Tegucigalpa faces many challenges, including violence, poverty, and corruption.  In this soil, however, the gospel has thrived.  We have been compelled by Christ to give what we can in the form of medical supplies, clothing, and actual medical care through ministry team we send every summer.

Bishop Fredrick Gache Jibo

Marsabit, Kenya

Bishop Fredrick pastors and oversees ministries for the PEFA churches (Pentecostal Evangelical Fellowship of Africa)  in Marsabit Kenya.  Kenya has many tribes listed among the least-reached people groups of the world. Challenged by the magnitude of the unfinished task, the PEFA church in Marsabit, Kenya along Fredrick have committed themselves to face the challenge of sending out missionaries with a view of fulfilling the Great Commission. For more information check out this informational pdf.

Kent and Mary Alice Martin

Betel, United Kingdom

Betel is a ministry of WEC International, who currently have over 1800 workers in over 80 countries, reaching the unreached and planting new churches. Betel of Britain is a group of caring, non-profit Christian communities in the heart of the UK who are dedicated to restoring homeless and long-term unemployed people to healthy, independent lifestyles. They train men and women in a wide range of life and employment skills, enabling them to rebuild a strong work ethic. For more information visit their website Betel UK.

Bishop James Njoroge

Central Kenya

James Njoroge pastors an urban church in Nyeri, Nairobi.  He also oversees 15 churches in his district.