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Community Partnerships and Initiatives

We aim, in these partnerships, to expand God’s Kingdom, love people, and glorify Christ.  These initiatives are based out of CCC.  Opportunities for service to Charlottesville in the name of Jesus ABOUND – please see our Local Mission commitments for more recommendations

Riverside Tutoring

We seek to obey Jesus’ command to “love one another as I have loved you” by forming relationships with the students and their families in our community who desire tutoring support.

Each Wednesday afternoon during the school year, CCC tutors welcome students in the love of Christ.  In addition to tutoring and homework help, we provide  healthy snacks each child has when they arrive and a ‘Tutor Store’ where they shop with tickets they have earned for good attitudes and hard work.

Jobs For Life

This program is the culmination of the  planning and coordination of numerous churches and organizations that want to lend a hand to those who have less access to life building resources.  Volunteers help the unemployed and underemployed in our community gain the skills, self-confidence, biblical understanding of work, and employer connections they need to get a job to provide for themselves and their families.

Garden Project

Christ Community Church has partnered with the residents of the Riverside Ave. community to foster deeper relationships through the planting and tending of above ground gardens.

We hope to grow compassion within our church family and among our neighbors.We will grow fruits and vegetables and make these available through a variety of distribution methods to assist those in need.


These local ministry opportunities are open to anyone and everyone that has a heart to serve. We hope that you will partner along with us for God’s glory.