You’ve managed to wake up early enough.  You’ve fixed a cup of coffee, just right.  You’ve made your way to your favorite chair.  There’s a peace in the home.  Then, since we’re working through these chapters together as a church family, you open Isaiah 7 and…   weeds.  Tangled.  Mess.  Confusion.

What is going on here?  The historical context of these chapters is downright confusing without a bit of background study.   I recommend reading 2 Kings 16 and 2 Chronicles 28.  What you learn there about Ahaz and Judah will provide a key backdrop throughout Isaiah 7-12.

Below you’ll find a few of the slides from the sermon on November 9th.  Perhaps it will be helpful.

The issue, immediately and ultimately, is trust.  In Whom will I trust?  In what?  Is God with us, or not?  If so… can He be trusted?


Ahaz has a choice before him in response to the threat.  These are his two options, and where they lead….