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Small Groups


Small Groups help us Glorify God

We affirm that the relational God created us as relational people, people who need others to come alongside us. Rather than a weakness, this very need puts us in position of dependence – a key trait in faithfulness. Our need also spurs us to actively know and love others. Therefore, we glorify God relationally to the extent that we recognize this truth and live out of it by both giving and receiving.

Small Groups Connect People in life-giving relationships

In this age of growing digital isolation, small groups swim against the culture’s tide and affirm that we need one another – actual, physical, in-your-living-room presence. Whether extrovert or introvert, we function best when we allow a loving community to play an integral role in our lives. Small groups give a context for this necessary element through the ministry of God’s Spirit.

Small Groups provide Pastoral Care

When we’re connected, we’ll begin to know and be known. The fellowship and encouragement we experience will afford natural opportunities for us to demonstrate mercy and compassion to each other – through prayer, friendship, and meeting physical needs. Small groups help us to care for one another.

Small Groups help us to Obey Christ and Fulfill our Mission

Small groups also serve to help us fulfill our mission as a particular church. We cannot be disciples, make disciples or plant churches without vibrant relationships of trust that lead us to obey Jesus. God has decided that our unified, intentional investment in one another is an essential instrument for how He grows His Kingdom, fulfills his sovereign plan, and receives eternal worship. We believe that small groups help us to obey this call in Charlottesville.

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