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Discipling: Growing to be like Jesus.

We take discipleship seriously because we take God and His Word seriously.  It’s our ongoing goal that 100% of our members will have habits in place that propel onward their spiritual formation in Christ.Discipleship is at the center of God’s Mission, our mission, and at the foundation of spiritual formation.

Therefore, we view relationships that encourage growth as a disciple as essential.  We affirm that God matures us in his own ways and timing, through his Sovereign power and wisdom (Rom. 8:28, 1 Thess 5:23-24), but we believe that he calls us to work intentionally and purposefully (Phil 2:12-13) toward this end as well.

Individuals must take responsibility for their own growth through personal devotion and the practice of spiritual disciplines.   But we’re not called to pursue this alone.  God has given the church the responsibility to care for one another and see that we’re built up in Christ.

Most broadly, discipleship occurs through the combination of life habits in community, for instance: a steady diet of the preached Word in our corporate gatherings, Sunday morning classes, and up-in-out small groups.

More specifically, though, discipleship occurs in even smaller, more intimate settings where we find encouragement and equipping for living faithfully unto God’s glory.  We call these “Discipling Groups” (D-groups).  See below for a fuller description.

What are Discipling Groups (D-Groups)?

D-groups are gender-specific groups of 2-5 who intentionally encourage one another to grow as disciples.  They can flex depending on need and season of life, but always honestly and purposefully aim one another toward spiritual growth in Jesus.  Sometimes they stay within the broad boundaries of a discipling curriculum and multiply regularly; at other times they take the form of long-term, Christ-centered friendships.  Dgroups create a fertile context in which spiritual growth can flourish.  We never outgrow our need to be discipled in all the various elements of spiritual formation.

Discpling Material Recommendations