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College Student Looking to Connect?

Leaving home.  Stretching into Independence.  Dreaming and fearing the future. Developing lifelong friendships.  Questioning everything.  Exploring passions.

College years are often some of the most dynamic and formative years in a person’s life. We believe this is true for our discipleship as well. Simply, we often lay the groundwork for lifelong spiritual formation during these years. In Charlottesville, solid and effective Christ-honoring college ministries abound. We’re grateful for this.

Therefore, in partnership with the moving of God ON grounds, we desire to provide a multi-generational family setting into which students may be welcomed “home”. We do this by pairing students to host families so that they will have a contact outside the University community with whom to experience the love of Jesus.

All for the glory of God.

What can you expect?

  • Someone who will faithfully pray and care for you
  • A family & home you’ll be welcomed into at least once a semester for a warm meal and breath of non-college air
  • Some type of regular (every few weeks) contact via phone, text or email
  • A familiar face on Sundays

If you’re a student – or if you’re a CCC member looking to host – please fill out THIS FORM and we’ll be in touch soon.