Teach Us to Obey

Luke 11:24-32


In response to Jesus and his work, we are called to “hear and obey”.  There is blessing in this, as well as protection from spiritual hazards.

Application Questions:

1. Obedience (like exercise) works in two ways – two protect us against spiritual hazard and provide for us a gracious gift.  In your experience of obeying God’s Word, do you see both of these at work?  Which one occurs more often?

2.  Do you struggle with the hazards of spiritual passivity or a hard heart?  What do they look like?  When you doubt, is it in order to believe, or in order to make excuse for unbelief?

3.  As we obey the Lord, there is the promise of his presence (John 14:23).  God has given us his commands as a gift for LIFE. What gets in the way of our obedience?  What has the Lord done about it?