Inside Devotion: Living as One made Righteous (Psalm 34:15-22)



The eyes of the Lord are on the righteous and his ears are attentive to their cry”.  God’s care for us, in Christ, is better than we can imagine.

Application Questions:

1. When you reflect on your 16th birthday, how important was getting your license?  Feel free to reflect on this time in your life with the group.

2. When you consider this Psalm, what comes to mind when you imagine the Lord’s eyes being on you and his ears attentive to your cry?  Does this evoke a negative reaction in your heart or positive?  Or both?  Why?

3. Whom do you think David is referring to when he uses the term “righteous”?  Explain.

4. What are some specific circumstances where you and/or the group can enter into the world of the “broken-hearted” and be a conduit of rescue for those who are “crushed in Spirit”?

5. We all “manage” our sin to some extent at different points in our lives, what comes to your mind when you consider areas you’ve personally managed your own sin?  Have you ever spent time reflecting on this issue?

6. In what specific way have you observed yourself or others being apathetic to yours(their) need for rescue?