Inside Devotion: Fearing the Lord (Psalm 34:4-14)



Inside devotion there’s a heart that fears the Lord.  Those who fear God are marked by specific traits of that relationship, and also receive the effects of stunning, eternal promises.

Application Questions:

1.  Is your relationship characterized by nonchalance?  By viewing God as an angry Diety with impossible standards?  Or by the middle ground of reverent fear?

2. What is your impulse in times of trouble?  Do you move toward God or away?  Do you call out or turn to your own resources?  (see 34:4-6)

3. Do you have a changed life as a result of meeting the Lord?  What are some examples?  (see 34:13-14)

4. The promises of the Lord are great indeed.  How are you looking to him for protection, provision, or a taste of his goodness? (Ps 34:7-10).  How can God promise these things in light of the world’s pain and trouble?