God of the Harvest: Redeemer (Ruth 2:13-23)



We don’t know what’s around the next bend of our lives, but we know the Lord is at work and that He – our redeemer – will provide, allowing us to “harvest from the sheaves” of his grace.

Application Questions:

1.  What part of your journey are you on?  Do you feel lost, settled, excited?  What would it look like for God, the One who is still working in your life to demonstrate His love, to give you a tangible sign of grace?

2.  Are you resisting the Lord’s invitation to draw near?  Are you held back by fear, condemnation, or…?  God, in Christ, welcomes you to his presence, his table (Ruth 2:14), even though we are not worthy to be there.,

3.  Boaz provides generously for Ruth, scandalous gleaning as a sign of his love and provision.  Is there a place where you’ve given up seeking, knocking, and asking God (Luke 11:9-13)?

What are you deepest needs?