God of the Harvest: Loss (Ruth 1:1-5)



Ruth begins in a season of loss.  For Naomi, the fields are razed; the crops are bare.  How does God call his people to walk through loss?  What can we stand upon, even amid devastation?

Application Questions:

1.  What words come to mind to describe some of the most painful losses in your life?  What words did Naomi use in Ruth 1?

2.  Her grief is not a godless grief – she knows that God is a limitless God, able to do all things.  And even when we don’t understand, we can stand on the fact that He acts in unfailing love.

3. How do our own limitations – our inability to see the big picture – help to build our faith and give peace?

4.  Do you believe that our story ends well?  How does this impact walking in loss?