God of the Harvest: God’s Redemptive Fullness (Ruth 4:13-17)



God’s redemptive fullness, as represented in Ruth’s marriage to Boaz and the birth of her son Obed, arouses both praise and witness in us.

Application Questions:

1.  If you were with us Sunday, we did a “praise exercise” where we lifted our hands and said, “Praise the Lord” at each remembrance of God’s blessing.  Describe how you felt doing this exercise in our church community.

2. As your week progresses, take anywhere from 5-15 minutes each day to simply participate in the same “praise exercise” we did Sunday.  Journal and discuss your feelings as you process this time with the Lord.

3. Take a minute, in community, to evaluate and discuss your personal witness.

4. What specific areas are you and your group being challenged to step out of your comfort zones to witness the good news that God has a son too whose name is Jesus?

5. When your life reflects the ups and downs similar to those found in Ruth’s story, where do you turn and how does it impact your praise and witness?