God of the Harvest: Belonging (Ruth 4:1-12)



One of the ways to understand redemption is with the idea of purchasing from bondage, which is what we see in Boaz’s actions here.  As people bought by God, we begin to understand and experience true belonging.

Application Questions:

1. What has the setting moved to the city gates?  What is it necessary that Boaz’s action is verified and affirmed by the town elders?

2. Why is it a good thing that Boaz “buys” Ruth?  What does it mean that WE are purchased by God?

3.  The passage highlights two aspects of redemption: it’s done out of the redeemer’s desire and it’s done at great cost.  Discuss the desire and cost of both Boaz and Christ.  What are the implications for your life?

4.  IN what ways does God’s redemption overflow from your life with blessing?