Formed Together: Rival Perspectives

Sermon Questions

Summary: The way we see the world has far-reaching consequences in the course of our life and the experience of our faith.  Are you aligned with God’s view of reality?

Scripture: Psalm 103:13-19

Action Steps for Week 2, “Rival Perspectives” (Sept 17-24)

Determine what life situations we have seen through false perspectives, causing them to come before our relationship with God or with others.

  • Job/work/career
  • Money
  • Possessions/things
  • Prestige
  • Position
  • Recreational activities/sports/hobbies
  • Excessive focus on entertainment
  • TV/video games/computers
  • Personal goals
  • Fear
  • Other __________

Commit this week to asking God to change what you SEE as you engage these life circumstances. Include someone else (friend, Dgroup, etc…) in this evaluative process.  Ask them to be honest about what they see.

Then, together, acknowledge to the Lord and those who are close to us that we have misdirected perspectives.  And ask the Lord to show you how to work out your new priorities on a daily basis.