Formed Together: Corporate Discernment

Sermon Questions

Summary: The Church receives the message of Jesus, the wisdom from God, and is God’s vehicle for communicating that message. How can we grow in our ability to discern God’s voice?

Scripture: (1 Corinthians 2:6-16)

Reflection Questions:

1.     Reflect on your life with Jesus and describe the various ways he has communicated directly with you. (thoughts/dreams/impressions/etc)

2.     Why do you think God wants to communicate with his children?

3.     Have there been times when your hearing was more subjective?  How did you realize this?

4.     Explain how your small group or Dgroup actively encourage you to hear from God?

By placing Jesus in the center, aligning ourselves with scripture, WE as a community can properly discern what he longs to speak to this body at CCC.