Exodus 3:19-20 – He Triumphs


God has Sovereign authority… but does He limit it with the human heart?  What’s the relationship between Sovereign love and free will?   Using the Biblical metaphor of the Potter and Clay, we explore the intersection between Sovereign Love and Free Will.

Application Questions:

1.  How would you assess your need to “control” your life?  Has your illusion of control been shattered before?  What were the results?  Do you still live in this illusion?

2.  What is your emotional response to God being in control of all things, even the human heart?   Does the “Potter” image help you think warmly about God’s sovereign care?  What would change if you lived in the reality of His hands on your life?

3.  What kind of clay are you?   Soft and malleable?  Hard and resistant?   What are the indicators?