Developing a Personal Strategy of Disciple-Making (Acts 16:16-40)



This study of Paul’s big day in Philippi helps us think about developing a personal strategy as a vital member of a Church in Action; that includes thinking through how we live out the Great Commision in our own daily context.

Application Questions:

1.  God used Lydia’s resources and gift of hospitality to provide a base for Paul and company to make disciples at the Place of Prayer.    How am I allowing God to use my gifts to make disciples?

2. During horrible circumstances, our Father used the apostle’s response (singing and praying) for HIS glory. What are the circumstances in my life to which I should begin responding with thanks and prayer rather than complaining?

3. How can I improve my personal daily disciplines that will result in my heart being trained toward a response of praise and prayer to the inevitable struggles of life?

4. Paul’s strategy for disciple making was to go to places (Synagogue, Place of Prayer, and others) where people ought to be ready to hear the gospel.   What are the ways that my life (see previous Q) is helping foster readiness to hear among the people in my personal context?