Deuteronomy 4:32-35 – He Acts

Application Questions:

1.  God’s actions (such as the exodus, the Cross) are not only to accomplish something for us, but also to communicate something TO us about who He is (=embodied communication).   God longs to be known.    Does that idea fit into your grid about who God Is?  What impact does that make?

2.  God’s intended audience is the entire world (Exod. 9:16), even those who don’t currently know Him.  (see Exod 7:5-6, 8:19).  Are their folks who you’ve written off as ever being able to know God?  How might He be calling us to reach them?

3.  The substance of God’s message was who He Is – powerful, merciful, faithful, relational.  What promises of God can you hold onto amid this world of trouble?   Phil 3:20-21?  Psalm 16:9-11?  Matthew 5:3-10?