Church in Action: Ripe for God’s Voice (Acts 17:10-15)


No audio from the sermon this week.

Sermon Transcript


The Berean church stands as an example to us of a people who were RIPE for the good news.  A church in action is ripe – both desiring and discerning truth.

Application Questions:

1.  Are you ripe for the gospel to work in your life?  How can you tell?  Are we, as a church family, ripe for God to speak?  What steps can we take to ripen?

2. Do you eagerly expect God’s voice?  How do we stay ripe?  (Romans 8:5)

3. What’s the contrast to being ripe?  How do we take offense at the words of Jesus?

4. Are you discerning of new truth? Are you hearing only what you want to hear? (2 Tim 4:3-4)?  How do you carefully examine truth?