Corinth – Renewed Motivations (Acts 18:1-11)


In a time of discouragement, God spoke a vital word to Paul, one that renewed his motivations for the gospel call.  Two great truths from this word apply to all those who trust in Christ.

Application Questions:

1.  Do you identify with the image of running through the mud as a picture of fading motivation?  Does this apply currently to an area or call on your life?

2.  What motivates you to press on in those things God has called you to?  How can you tell what they are?

3. God encourages Paul by speaking to him: I am with you.  What comfort and encouragement does that provide?  How does this statement move from the head to the heart, from theory to experiential truth?

4.  What might change about your calling if you believed God was already at work in the people there?