Church in Action: A Call to Repent (Acts 17:16-34)

No audio from the sermon this week.

Sermon Transcript


Distressed by the idols of Athens, Paul calls the city to repent.  He does so, in love, in a way that the people can understand.  Do we as a church, as a people, respond to God’s invitation to repent and invite others to do the same?

Application Questions:

1. Paul makes the most of his “waiting around” time in Athens.  Describe what we know of what he does leading up to the famous speak at the Areopagus.  Are we sensitive to the work of the kingdom, wherever we are?

2. What is repentance?  What keeps us from repentance?

3. What is idolatry?  What idols may the Lord be highlighting in your life and … do you know how to repent of them?

4. What are ways that you can “play your instrument” and sound the call of repentance for others?