Praying together in response to last weekend’s sinful displays

August 13, 2017

Father, we were reminded this weekend that the world is not as it should be.  Our hearts break for the ways that your glory and honor were belittled and marred as men sought to destruct the image of God in humanity. We lament together, God.

Our hearts break for the three who died, and for the 34+ who were injured. Our hearts break for the those whose passions have been ignited in hateful ways.  Our hearts break for those who only know how to respond to hate with hate.  Our hearts ache for our black brothers, sisters, and children, who hear these vile words and threats regularly, and who live in a society where such things continue to fester.  Our hearts break.

Jesus, Son of God, have Mercy.

We repent, Father, as people of those city and this area.  We repent for the ways we have harbored racism or for our apathy; sins of commission and omission.  We repent for thinking that the line between good and evil doesn’t also run down our hearts.  Apart from Christ, Lord, who of us could stand in your presence?

Jesus, Son of God, have Mercy.

We cry out to you, Lord, to take the air and the energy and the kindling away from these racist groups evidenced at this Unite the Right rally, from all these different sources, swirling with venom, confusion, hopelessness… confound their plans; confuse their leadership, thwart their purposes in the name of Jesus.  Protect other cities and peoples, Lord.  Instruct us, here in this town, as to the ways we should go.

Jesus, Son of God, have Mercy.

We pray for light to drive out darkness; for love to conquer hate; for the perseverance of your people and the preservation of truth and the expansion of your kingdom.  For the church to be the church and stand together in courage and in the gospel.  Direct us, Lord, in the coming weeks and months, direct us into love and service and humility and courage.

We cry out, Lord, to you, for you are the only One who can forgive the sin, right the wrongs, and let “justice roll on like a river and righteousness like a never-failing stream.”  We cry out to you, Lord, for awakening; for healing, for deliverance from further escalation.

We thank you for sparing us from what could have been great bloodshed and destruction.  We thank you for the work of our local police and for restraint.  We thank you for holding back against a tidal wave of violence.  We praise for you what you’re doing in the places unseen by the world, such as the unity of Spirit and joy at joint prayer and praise services.  We know you cause the rising and falling of nations – your dominion is an everlasting dominion.  We know the church will endure in Christ.  We praise you for your work unseen.  We praise you that you are already at work.  We praise you for being Sovereign.  We know we can trust you.  We know you are good.

In the exalted and unique name of Jesus our Lord,