A Church in Action has Something to Offer (Acts 14:8-20)



The gospel of Jesus makes a splash in lives and the ripple effects continue to affect us for a lifetime. The church has good news that is speaks to physical and spiritual needs.

Application Questions:


1. As you reflect on your own faith, what person/people made the biggest splash in your life?

2. Were there specific areas we covered today (physical/spiritual/calamity) where you could make a splash in the life of another person/people?

3. In what ways have you underestimated the power of the gospel in your life?  Can you name them?  Purpose to confess this to your Dgroup.

4. Reflect on ways you’ve been persecuted for your faith.  Was there fear generated more from actual physical persecution or what you perceived “might” happen to you?  Brainstorm ways in your life where you can offer the good news to the need around you.

5. What will be the thing that moves you from shrinking back with your witness to “getting back up” and going into the city?